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  Adult Orthodontic Braces 8in8str8® (Eight teeth straight in 8 month )

At Dent-Al Smiles we understand the importance on having a nice and straight smile. Some of our Adult patient do not like the idea of having Veneers or other treatment since sometimes it is necessary to reduce healthy tooth structure to obtain good results. We offer them a new system developed by Dr. Lazo. 8in8str8. Using the newest and best Orthodontic techniques and materials we are now capable on correcting most of the smiles in 8 months , this provides a good alternative to the Traditional Braces 18 to 24 months). Now, we are proudly offering our system 8in8str8®.  Some of the other benefits of our system is that most of the time we do not need to extract any teeth. Our tooth colored braces and tooth colored wires makes wearing braces almost invisible. Our system is gentle but very effective correcting teeth malpositions as:  Crowding,  Overbite,  Spacing,  Overjet, Underbite, Openbite, Misplace Midline and Crossbite.

It is important to mention that we only focus on the 8 most anterior teeth or the teeth that are showing when you smile, that has help us on reducing the treatment time as well.


What is involved with the treatament?

On your first appointment the Dr. will examine your teeth and smile,records will be taken as , Radiograph, pictures and more klikely impression. During this appointment the dentist will discuss the treatment and you would have time to ask any questions.

On your next visit IPR or reduction on the with of the teeth will be done to allow space for correction, on very few instances extraction of teeth will be requiered. Then braces will be bonded and special wires will be fitted.

The following appointment will be  5 weeks intervals up to completion of the treatment 

Is the treatment painful?

There is some association with discomfort taking any Advil, Tylenol or Motrin usually is enough to relief it.

What is the diference with tradicional braces?

They are very similar but the main difference is that with our system the bite is not modified. Our system just modify or corrects the 8 most anterior teeth.



Clear Aligners (ClearCorrect and Invisalign )

Both brands deliver the same result using clear transparent trays. this tray are made from an impression of your teeth which then is scanned and a series of aligners are made to continuously correct or modify your smile. It is very important for you the patient to wear this trays for at least 22 hours a day, not doing so will delay the final result.A link for both companies is provided for your own information:

         ClearCorrect™                                          INVISALIGN®